Learn How To Gamble Responsibly Online

At Comeoncasino.com, we’re dedicated to responsible gambling. That’s one of the top reasons we promote ComeOn! – it has both the dedication and the tools to promote responsible gambling.

This is a serious topic which is important for every gambler. It’s so important that you understand and commit to responsible gambling that we never get tired of repeating it. Gambling irresponsibly can seriously damage your life and the lives of those around you.

Fortunately, if you understand how to gamble responsibly and how to get help early if you feel yourself slipping into problem gambling, you can avoid the worst consequences and keep things healthy.

Let’s begin with some of the things you should do to make sure you’re gambling responsibly.

How to Gamble Responsibly

There’s so much talk about responsible gambling online, but many people don’t explain how to do so. It’s like giving directions without a map.

Bet Within Your Limits – Every player has a bankroll, and most know before they start gambling how much they can afford to lose. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, it’s far too easy to keep depositing and chasing losses. You should decide how much you’re going to bet before you begin, and walk away when you hit that limit. If you think you’ll struggle to do so, use some of the tools or tips below to help you maintain control.

Play at Responsible Casinos – We’ll explain more about how responsible casinos operate below. The point, for now, is to always play at casinos and betting sites which value responsible gambling. These sites will work to help problem gamblers rather than take advantage of them. If you’re sliding down the rabbit hole, this decision could save you.                                                                                                                         

Learn to Spot Problems – The sooner you spot problem gambling in yourself or others, the easier it is to step back and address it. Signs of irresponsible gambling include financial stress due to gambling, work or relationship problems caused by gambling, or any other negative or undesirable problems linked directly to gambling online or otherwise. It’s much easier to stop a gambling addiction in its tracks early than it is to do so later.

Never Bet Under the Influence – It’s probably OK to place a small bet if you’ve had a single beer or drink, but if you’ve had a few, do not gamble under any circumstances. Alcohol and drugs influence your ability to make sound decisions, and they affect your judgement badly. Make it a rule that you’ll never log into a gambling site if you’ve been drinking or partying.

Keep Yourself Accountable – It can be a good idea to keep someone else informed about how much you gamble. For example, many players openly gamble with funds linked to bank accounts which their spouses and partners have access to. This way, they can’t bet too much or their partner will spot it. This can prevent you from overspending as you know you’ll be held accountable.

Sticking to these three rules alone can help you gamble responsibly and will ward off the worst potential scenarios – finding yourself in financial problems because of gambling.


Tools Which Can Help You Gamble Responsibly

There are various tools which can help you gamble responsibly. Many of these are available at ComeOn!

  • Account Logs – A detailed breakdown of exactly how much you have deposited and withdrawn can provide a much-needed overview of your gambling activities. ComeOn! does provide an account history which you can check at any time.
  • Self-Exclusion – If you feel you or someone you care about is losing control, you should know that responsible operators like ComeOn! offer something called self-exclusion. You will be able to block yourself from the gambling site for a period specified by you. One day, one week, one month, or forever – it’s up to you to decide.
  • External Software – There are apps and browser plugins which can either block gambling sites or which can limit your time on them to a certain period of time. For example, some apps will allow you to designate a web address and a time limit. When you hit that limit, it will block the site for the rest of the day.

Habits to help fight Gambling addiction

There are also many things which you can do to help yourself gamble responsibly. Think of these as good gambling habits.

Take Breaks – If you feel like making another deposit, take a walk or go for a drive first. In 15-20 minutes, it’s likely that the impulsive urge will have subsided. After you’ve calmed down, you’re much more likely to be in a rational frame of mind and won’t gamble to chase losses.

Use a Wallet – Not only is it good for security reasons but using a wallet like Neteller or Skrill will mean you can pre-fund the amount you wish to gamble with. Once those funds are exhausted, you’ll have to go through the extra step of re-funding your wallet before you can make another deposit.

Have a Routine – Some players find that they can better control their gambling when it’s part of a routine. For example, if it’s limited to Friday nights and a strict budget is stuck to, it’s much less likely to become a problem.