Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling Online

We should all be able to enjoy a wager on cricket and whatever other sports or gambling games we enjoy, but it’s extremely important that we keep it within responsible limits. This page is dedicated to teaching you both how to gamble responsibly, and what tools and resources you can use if you feel that you or a loved one has developed a gambling problem.

Before we begin, we want you to memorize a mantra: gambling is supposed to be fun. When the fun stops, STOP! If you live by this rule, you’ll avoid gambling addiction and will keep gambling as the enjoyable pastime it is supposed to be.

How to Gamble Responsibly

Think about the word “responsible.” What does it mean to you? For most, it means a person who knows how to enjoy things in moderation and who always meets his or her obligations to others. That’s the perfect definition of a responsible gambler – they know when to call it quits, and they never allow gambling to get in the way of meeting their family, work, social, and financial responsibilities. They can place a wager on India during a test match or play a hand of real money Rummy, and if they lose, they don’t feel the need to chase the losses.

Now that you have a picture of what a responsible gambler is, here are some rules to follow if you want to be one.

  1. Set a Budget – This should be taken from your disposable income. If you don’t have any disposable income, you shouldn’t be gambling in the first place. Disposable income is that which you don’t need to pay your bills and take care of your responsibilities. It’s what’s left over after you have met your obligations. Set aside a percentage of that for gambling, and when it’s gone, refuse to dip into the rest.                            
  2. Be Open About It – Irresponsible gamblers hide their gambling activities from family and friends. This is a sure sign of a problem gambler. After all, if it wasn’t a problem, why would you be hiding it? This doesn’t mean that you have to advertise to the world that you gamble – there’s still a place for privacy – but you should be frank with your spouse, partner, and family about how much you have won or lost. They will let you know if you’re becoming irresponsible. After all, it’s easy to lie to yourself, but your loved ones will always tell you the truth you need to hear.                             
  3. Choose Responsible Operators – The best gambling sites online, such as, take responsible gambling seriously. Responsible gamblers choose responsible operators – it’s that simple. When you bet with an operator who does not take it seriously, you are not only rewarding an operator who doesn’t deserve it with your hard-earned Rupees, but you are putting yourself in danger. You see, responsible operators offer tools to make sure you don’t stray into problem gambling, and resources to help you if you do. Some of these have been described below.

Responsible Gambling Tools

From advanced software to simple paper diaries, there are various tools available to help you gamble responsibly and recover from problem gambling.

  • Diaries – One of the best things you can do is write how much you have gambled and how much time you have spent gambling in a diary. This can help you keep track of losses in terms of both time and money. It can also help you spot patterns and make connections between events should you ever suffer from gambling addiction.
  • Wallets – To make sure you don’t overspend, one of the best things you can do is deposit your gambling funds into a special online wallet created for this purpose. For example, you could deposit ₹5,000 into a Neteller account when you get paid. This is your gambling budget, and when it’s gone, you have to make a conscious decision to fund that account again. This also takes extra time, which can help you avoid making impulsive deposits.                                                                                                              
  • Self-Exclusion – Responsible operators will enable you to self-exclude from their gambling site. You decide for how long you need to take a break, and the operator will agree to lock your account for that period of time. This could range from 24 hours to permanent at ComeOn! This is one way to take back control.                                                                                                                          
  • Support Groups – Gamblers Anonymous can help you if you’re struggling to control a gambling addiction. Visit websites like to find out more about the gambling support groups in your area. The support of others, and especially those who have recovered, can be life-saving for a problem gamblers. Hopefully, you’ll never get to this stage, but if you do, help is available.