ComeOn! Betting

If you’re interested in online betting in India, we’re going to tell you more about it here. We’re also going to introduce you to the top betting site for Indians, but more on that later. First, let’s concentrate on learning a little bit more about how online betting works.


These days, through your laptop or phone, you can bet on just about anything at any time you like. The days of betting at your local bookmakers’ shop as your only option are gone, as betting sites like ComeOn! offer you competitive odds on sporting events both within India and around the world.


Placing a bet online is easy. All you have to do is (i) register an account, (ii) make a deposit, (ii) pick which sports you want to bet on, (iv) enter the amount you want to wager, and (v) confirm the bet. If you know what you want to wager on and are familiar with the site, the entire process of placing a bet could take around 20 seconds.


It’s never been easier to bet on cricket, tennis, boxing, cycling, football, American sports, and lots of other high-octane showdowns from around the world. Truly, India has connected to the entire world through the internet, and a global bonanza of wagering opportunities has opened up through top-tier betting sites like Comeon.com

Cricket Betting

Any betting site which didn’t offer betting on cricket would not be suitable for Indians. After all, this beautiful game is the national sport, and we’re among the best at it, aren’t we? At ComeOn!, you can take your cricket betting tips and turn them into real cash, provided you pick the correct outcomes, of course. 

ComeOn! offers cricket betting on both local and international matches. You can bet on India as they compete in ICC test matches, or you can bet on regional teams like the Mumbai Indians or the Delhi Capitals as they battle it out in the Indian Premier League each year. In fact, comeon is one of the best IPL Betting sites in India and the world!

You aren’t restricted to wagering on Indian teams or events, either. The nature of online cricket betting means you can bet on any game you wish. You could bet on England to defeat Australia in The Ashes, or any other number of cricket games from around the world.

If you’d like to try and turn your knowledge of cricket into real money, there’s a good chance that cricket betting is an opportunity to do so. The more you know, the greater your chances of winning, but please keep in mind that there are no guarantees. As experienced cricket fans will know, anything can happen, and even the most experienced fans are often left scratching their heads when the results come in.

Live Betting

Whether you’re betting on cricket or another sport, one of the most exciting developments in recent years is live betting. This feature makes it possible to bet on many different outcomes which were impossible not so long ago.

For example, sticking with the example of cricket betting, you can place wagers on the coin toss, you can bet on how many runs a batsman will accumulate, and many other in-game events. With the live betting feature, you’ll see the odds change in real-time as the market places real money bets. Those with knowledge and experience can use their superior understanding of the sport to capitalize on these fast-moving price movements.

Live betting applies to many different sports, including football, tennis, cricket, basketball, ice hockey, and more. The depth of the live betting markets at ComeOn! has to be seen to be believed. Basically, if it’s possible to bet on it, there’s a good chance that you can do so. Betting in India has never been so exciting.

Betting Live on Your Mobile

Combine live betting with mobile technology, and you never have to miss out on another opportunity to profit. We sports fans all understand that things move quickly in most games and events, and an opportunity to bet on something could come and pass before you have a chance to log into your desktop device.

That needn’t be the case anymore. As you can access ComeOn! from your mobile browser on almost any phone or tablet, and you can download the ComeOn! betting apps to your Android and iOS devices, you’ll never miss a wager again.

Just exercise some extra caution when placing live bets on your mobile – you wouldn’t be the first to place an accidental wager because of oversized thumbs and/or small screens.

Are you excited to see what ComeOn! has to offer for yourself? Check out the betting markets, free bets club, and more on the ComeOn! website.